Eventbrite QR Code 

Here's how to locate your QR code.

Eventbrite App  

Download the Eventbrite app and log-in using the same email that you used to register. Here's what the ticket will look like:

QR App.png

Eventbrite Website

You can download your ticket on your phone or desktop by visiting eventbrite.com/mytickets [log-in using the same email that you used when you registered]. Select the Salem Road Race ticket then click "Print Tickets" to download.


Eventbrite Confirmation

You can also locate your QR code in your race confirmation email [search for subject "registration confirmation for salem road race"]. Here's what the email looks like:

QR search.png

Click "Paper Tickets" to open the ticket on your phone or print a copy to bring with you. This is what this version looks like:

QR Email.png

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